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Suggested Deworming Schedule

This is an area of confusion and turmoil for many horse and farm owners. The real answer lies in individual animal or farm schedules based on a Fecal Egg Count, risk factors and housing situations.
It may seem complicated at first, but once Dr. Butterworth-Tice examines your situation, the suggestions will make sense.

Fecal Egg Count: In this procedure a measured amount of manure is processed to look for parasite eggs under a microscope. This procedure will both identify what kind of parasites and the number of parasites present in the animal. This is a CRUCIAL part of suggesting a deworming schedule. This procedure is done in-house at the office for quick results!

Risk factors: Age of the animal, number of animals in field, size of field, grazing situations, show or travel schedules, and many other factors will affect the suggested deworming schedule.

At your next appointment please make sure to discuss your animal's individual suggested deworming schedule with Dr. Rachel Butterworth-Tice.

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